*SIGNED HARDCOVER* A Queen's Fate (Book 2)

*SIGNED HARDCOVER* A Queen's Fate (Book 2)

A Queen's Fate, Book 2 of The Crowning series. With a new heir of Alearia selected at The Crowning Ceremony, the current King and Queen of Alearia begin preparing their daughter for her future role as Queen of Alearia. But the transition will not be a smooth one as civil unrest stirs, fueled by the High Priestess Elizabeth's manipulative gossip. Annie must become the Queen the people need to restore peace to her kingdom's people all whilst dealing with her treasonous sister Agnes who is more devilishly devious than ever remains on the loose and is determined to cause her family further heartache and drama.
#21 on the Amazon Top 100 bestseller list for Values and Virtues in YA.
These new editions are stunning inside and out, with all new internal formatting and chapter header illustrations. The cover features an original character artwork of Anastasia, designed by Bethany Gilbert.
What you'll get: 1 x PERSONALISED SIGNED Hardcover copy of A Queen's Fate, Book 2 of The Crowning series, new cover edition.
Whilst stocks last this item also includes a matching bookmark.
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