PRE-ORDER *SIGNED HARDCOVER* The Goddess of Blood and Bone

PRE-ORDER *SIGNED HARDCOVER* The Goddess of Blood and Bone

The Goddess of Blood and Bone, is Nattie Kate Mason's debut Adult Dark Fantasy novel. It combines a mash up of fantasy and mythology.


About the book: 

The Pitts of Moor is a realm of sinful pleasure and endless pain, ruled by the dark Goddess of Blood and Bone.


A former Royal Princess, has been sentenced to spend eternity in the hell realm. Her soul deemed beyond redemption for crimes against her Kingdom and family.


Garnering the Goddess's favour, the disgraced soul finds herself appointed into the Goddess of Blood and Bone's service. As a handmaiden of the Dark Goddess, she must serve her Queen's every need and sinful pleasure. 


The Dark Goddess has raised her Army of dark creations and mythological beings. No longer willing to be confined to rule over the Hell realm, The Goddess of Blood and Bone, reluctantly accepts her handmaidens help. Together, they hatch a plan to take over The Land of The God's. The wheels of war are set in motion.


If the handmaiden proves useful, she stands to be rewarded handsomely. An opportunity to earn back her life, gain immortality and a power even greater than the one she was previously blessed with in her former life. She will do whatever it takes to attain her reward and gain the power that she believes is rightfully owed to her, so she may inact her vengeance on the family who had denied her so much in her former life.  


This hardcover edition features stunning artwork on both the dust jacket and naked hardcover, designed by Bethany Gilbert.


What you'll get: 1 x PERSONALISED SIGNED hardcover copy of The Goddess of Blood and Bone, Book 1 of The Immortal Deities. This item also includes a matching bookmark and character art print.


***This is a pre-order item and will be shipped on the books publication date: 18th August, 2021.