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Nattie Kate Mason
Fantasy Author

Author of The Crowning Series and #1 Bestseller The Goddess of Blood & Bone

Welcome to my website. As an author, I aim to create new worlds where anything is possible. Worlds where the readers imagination and heart are taken on a journey as my characters share their epic lives with them. A mission which has cast me in many different roles: writer, artist, and self-publishing author. 

In my young adult fantasy series, you are invited to the Kingdom of Alearia, where 'The Crowning' series begins. In my heart-stopping debut novel and first book of 'The Crowning' series, an heir of Alearia, must be chosen. Magic. Betrayal. Healing. Hope. In the pursuit of power, only one be crowned heir. A Queens Fate is the perfect sequel to The Crowning and delves deeper into our characters journeys. Heart of a Crown, is the culmination of a dream. In our series final all cards are on the table and our royals must step up to save their Kingdoms dynasty.

The Goddess of Blood and Bone, #1 Amazon Bestseller in Folklore & Mythology and #1 Amazon New Release in Historical Romance, is the first book of The Immortal Deities Duology. Set in the Afterlife and The Land of The Gods, this series follows on from the events in The Crowning series, but is designed so that new readers can appreciate the new series without reading The Crowning series if they would prefer.  The Goddess of Blood and Bone ranked #1 in multiple categories upon its new release on August 18th, 2021 and has received the highest praise from readers and reviewers. 

The Adventures of Lily Rose, is my kids chapter book series. Lily Rose and the Pearl Crown is the first book in the series suitable for children aged 6-10 years. In each story younger readers are taken on a new journey. In the first book of the series a special gift has the secret power to help transform Lily Rose into a mermaid. Follow Lily Rose as she journeys to the bottom of the sea to help save the Mermaid Kingdom from the clutches of the evil Sea Witch. But don't fear! Lily Rose isn't alone, her new mermaid friend Sapphire is here to help!


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About the Author

Author. Storyteller, mum, tea addict and sweet tooth.

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. A story can change someones life, it can provide an escape to an alternate world, where anything seems possible. I feel compelled to write, my imagination overflowing with stories, that the world needs to hear. I am a curious and proactive new author, mum and nurse. I feel inspired to create, by the many amazing fantasy writers of past and present.


The Goddess of Blood and Bone

Book 1 of The Immortal Deities

Publication date: August 18th, 2021

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Mythology

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Folklore & Mythology

#1 Amazon New Release in Historical Romance

The Goddess of Blood and Bone, is Nattie Kate Mason's debut New Adult Dark Fantasy novel. It combines a mash up of fantasy and mythology.

About the book: 

With a heart as black as night, Nushka was born different to her kin.
Banished by the Gods to rule over a realm of the Afterlife rife with eternal pain, she bides her time… and makes the Pitts of Moor her very own.

In this dark place, free of morals and constraints, Agnes, a former princess, is delegated to Nushka's harem of handmaidens. Faced with the choice of fulfilling the Queen of Moor’s every sinful desire, or enduring an eternity of pain, she does what she must to survive.

Yearning for freedom, both wicked souls refuse to accept their dark fates… Together, they strike a bargain.

Unlikely allies, with a deadly army of monsters at their backs.

Should they succeed in their mission, unimaginable power will be theirs. Should they fail, a fate worse than death awaits.

Freefall into the twisted and sensual world of The Goddess of Blood and Bone, the first book in Nattie Kate Mason’s The Immortal Deities.

This book is available for pre-order in paperback and hardcover editions, featuring artwork from the incredibly talented Beth Gilbert. 

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The Gods of War & Darkness

Book 2 of The Immortal Deities duology

Coming: October 23rd, 2022